Riley County Law Board

Riley County Law Board
The Riley County Police Department is unique in that it is a consolidated law enforcement agency. Riley County does not elect a sheriff, and the officers of RCPD have county-wide jurisdiction. This is different from most agencies due to the fact that most cities in a county have their own local law enforcement officers and are also served by a sheriff's department. In contrast, the Riley County Police Department serves all of the communities within Riley County as well as the county residents. This arrangement provided unique legal challenges to the State of Kansas, and several statutes were adopted to make the consolidation of agencies legal, most notably is K.S.A. 19-4427.

The Riley County Law Board is an oversight committee that brings accountability of the Riley County Police Department closer to the citizens of Riley County. The Law Board approves RCPD expenditures and is responsible for the hiring or firing of the director of the Riley County Police Department. The Law Board provides suggestions and direction to the RCPD director.

The law board is made up of two City Commissioners from the City of Manhattan, one City of Manhattan citizen at-large, the Riley County Attorney, one Riley County Commissioner, one citizen at-large from Riley County, and a citizen at-large that rotates every two years between Riley County and the City of Manhattan.

For non-policy related matters, see the RCPD Community Advisory Board.
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Current Members

  • Robert Boyd, Riley County Commissioner (Chair)
  • Karen McCulloh, City At-Large (Vice Chair)
  • Barry Wilkerson, Riley County Attorney (Secretary)
  • Craig Beardsley, City At-Large
  • Wynn Butler, Manhattan City Commissioner
  • Usha Reddi, City (Rotating)
  • Ron Wells, County At-Large
The board meets the third Monday of each month at noon in the City Commission Room, City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave. The Law Board meetings are televised on Cable Channel 3.