I'm a New Resident

  1. Apply for a Job

    The City of Manhattan offers full-time, part-time and seasonal positions, as well as information on becoming a firefighter.

  2. Community Resources

    Links to local and area community resources

  3. Connect with Your Neighborhood

    The listed neighborhood services are available in the City of Manhattan.

  4. Fair Housing Resources

    Links to local resources regarding fair housing practices for renters, owners and landlords.

  5. Mobile Device Use in Manhattan

    The new law adopted by the Legislature prohibits any person operating a motor vehicle on a public road or highway to write, send or read a written communication on a wireless communication device.

  6. New Home Checklist

    Manhattan's Code Services can provide information relating to the health, safety and protection of homeowners and renters.

  7. Parking Permits

    Apply for parking permits at the customer service office at City Hall

  8. Population & Demographics

    Information about the community survey of Manhattan's population in 2010.

  9. Utility Contacts

    Find contact information for local utility providers.