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    Public Health Watch posted at Dishman Lake in Anneberg Park.

    We have posted a Public Health Watch at Dishman Lake in Anneberg Park because harmful Blue-Green Algae may be present. Testing is underway as well as a strategy for mitigation. Read on...
  2. What to do when your kids say "I'm bored"

    "Mom I'm bored. There's nothing to do." This statement is being heard in homes across Manhattan as we hit that mid-summer timeframe. Don't worry though, we've got an idea for you! Read on...
  3. 5 Top Ideas For Indoor Summer Play

    We’ve compiled a list of five ways that you can still sneak indoor recreation and play in for the little ones that don’t require leaving the house. Read on...
  4. Outdoor games to get the kids moving

    Looking for outdoor games to get the kids moving? Active play and healthy families are important - here are 3 game ideas so you can promote physical activity while they’re having fun! Read on...
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    July is Park and Recreation Month

    Parks and recreation services are vital for our community to be active, live healthier, connect with nature, discover and explore. Manhattan Parks and Recreation makes our lives and community better. July is Park and Recreation Month. Read more...
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