Downtown Redevelopment

About Downtown Redevelopment
Downtown Redevelopment generally refers to the North End and South End project areas that surround Manhattan Town Center. The area’s boundaries include Fort Riley Boulevard on the south, Tuttle Creek Boulevard on the east, Fourth Street on the west, and Bluemont Avenue on the north, and also incorporates connections to Historic Downtown and Poyntz Avenue.

North End Redevelopment
North End Redevelopment is also referred to as Manhattan Marketplace and consists of approximately a dozen restaurants and retail and commercial businesses in an area generally bounded by on the north by Bluemont Avenue, on the west by Fourth Street, on the south by Leavenworth Street and on the east by Tuttle Creek Boulevard.
South End Redevelopment
Downtown Entertainment District
The Manhattan Downtown Entertainment District was at the conceptual stage for many years. The area is generally bounded by Pierre Street on the north, Fourth Street on the west and Fort Riley Boulevard on the south and east. This development is envisioned to encourage growth in the community, enhance Manhattan as a regional shopping and entertainment area, and protect the investment made in Manhattan Town Center years ago. The area includes the following developments:
Flint Hills Discovery Center and Blue Earth Plaza
Flint Hills Discovery Center and Blue Earth Plaza
Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center and Blue Earth Plaza
Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center and Blue Earth Plaza
Blue Earth Plaza Mised-Use Building
Blue Earth Place (Mixed-Use Building)
  • Flint Hills Discovery Center is a focal point of South End Redevelopment. It offers a unique tourism and community experience that inspires people to celebrate, explore and care for the Flint Hills.
  • Blue Earth Plaza is a dedicated green space located just south of the Discovery Center. It is part of the parks system in the City of Manhattan and is available for Festival of Lights, which is intended to be a yearly event in Downtown Manhattan.
  • The Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center opened in November 2011. Development was coordinated by the City of Manhattan and HCW LLC.
  • During early planning processes, the South End was divided into 10 lots. Eventually, Lot 9 was divided into 6 additional lots — 3 for development and 3 for parking for those developments. Candlewood Suites occupies the lot nearest the Discovery Center. It opened in March 2013. A Holiday Inn Express is scheduled to open in late 2014 or early 2015 in the lot nearest the K-177 on-ramp. Additionally, a mixed-use building is located in the lot nearest Fort Riley Boulevard. It is called Blue Earth Place and is scheduled to open in 2014, housing a restaurant, office space and residences.
Poyntz Avenue Improvements
In coordination with Downtown Redevelopment, improvements have been made to Poyntz Avenue. Those include various streetscaping, wayfinding, lighting and alley improvements in the 300, 400 and 500 blocks of Poyntz Avenue, as well as on Third and Fourth streets north and south of Poyntz.
If you have any questions, contact Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers at (785) 587-2404.