Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Project Description

In a continuing effort to ensure the City of Manhattan Water Treatment Plant is capable of providing an adequate and reliable source of treated potable water to meet the growing needs of the Manhattan community, significant improvements are scheduled in the next two years. The improvements include the installation of a 2.0 mega-watt emergency backup generator, as well as other electrical upgrades that are intended to significantly improve the redundancy and reliability of the plant. The construction of a new chlorine contact basin is also proposed to improve the plant's disinfection processes. All improvements will also be compatible with future proposed improvements to replace the two existing pump stations and the onsite clearwells that store finished water prior to being pumped to the distribution system. Carollo Engineers is currently designing the project.


The City of Manhattan and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment have entered into a loan agreement using the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund to finance the project. Construction of the improvements is estimated at $7.3 million.


Construction is anticipated in late 2016 and 2017.

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