Interior Inspections

Do you have a code issue in your apartment or home that you would like to have inspected? You can request an interior inspection from the Code Services office. An interior inspection requires consent from a lawful occupant, or if the property is vacant, from a property owner, in order for Code Services to enter the structure. Request an interior inspection.

What do we look for in an inspection?

Fire Inspections

The Manhattan Fire Department routinely inspects the exterior and common areas of rental buildings with three or more units. These inspections are conducted to ensure fire and life safety issues are in compliance with adopted codes and ordinances. A representative of the landlord accompanies the fire inspector on these inspections.

Exterior Inspections

Code Services currently does a number of exterior inspections of homes in Manhattan each year. These inspections are done from public rights of way, sidewalks, alleys and other areas that are open for general public access. Property nuisances such as weeds, parking, fences, trash/debris, inoperable vehicles and outdoor storage are also evaluated during exterior inspections.
Exterior Inspection