Parks and Recreation 


Name Title Email Phone
Eastes, Eddie Director, Parks and Recreation 785-587-2757
Galvan, Tammy Administrative Coordinator/Human Resources 785-587-2757
Thompson, Wyatt Senior Park Planner 785-587-2757
Sutton, Angie Community Relations Director 785-587-2761


Name Title Email Phone
Mohler, Mike Cemetery Sexton 785-587-2780

Flint Hills Discovery Center 

315 South Third Street
Manhattan, KS 66502


Name Title Email Phone
Goss, Fred W. Director 785-587-2729 ext. 206
Hager, Jerri Development Officer 785-587-2729 ext. 207
Garrett, Roy Exhibits/Operations Manager 785-587-2729 ext. 209
Bridenstine, Stephen Public Program Coordinator 785-587-2729 ext. 202
Berry, Megan Marketing Coordinator 785-587-2729 ext. 213
Mertz, Jonathan Event Sales Coordinator 785-587-2729 ext. 208
Luttjohann, Caitlin Education Specialist - Science 785-587-2729 ext. 203
Schapaugh, Daniel Education Specialist - History/Culture 785-587-2729 ext. 204
Cullers, Penny Gift Store Coordinator 785-587-2729 ext. 214


Name Title Email Phone
Smithson, Casey Park Superintendent 785-587-2757
Mattox, David J. Forestry Supervisor 785-587-2757
Von Lintel, Luci Horticulturalist 785-587-2757
Drown, Dennis Park Supervisor 785-587-2757


Name Title Email Phone
Baker, Dave Douglass Community Center Director 785-587-2774
McKee, Ryan Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757
Swan, Kathy Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757
Walters, Kelly Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757
Nelson, Chris Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757
Cook, Kelly Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757
Mayer, Jeff Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757
Pape, Ginny Recreation Supervisor 785-587-2757