North End Redevelopment

North End Redevelopment is also referred to as Manhattan Marketplace and consists of approximately a dozen restaurants and retail and commercial businesses in an area generally bounded on the north by Bluemont Avenue, on the west by Fourth Street, on the south by Leavenworth Street and on the east by Tuttle Creek Boulevard.

The area contains approximately 20 acres. More than $62 million in private investment contributed to the north district, and more than 200 residential units were added to the area in addition to the commercial enhancements.

The following businesses were early occupants of the North End and remain open today:
2006 Best Buy
2007 McAlister's Deli
2009 Bed Bath & Beyond, Petco, Hy-Vee
2010 Olive Garden, Smashburger, Orange Leaf, Nutrition Zone, LongHorn Steakhouse
2011 Imperial Garden, Noodles & Co., Long John Silver's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hy-Vee Gas Station
2013 Paul Mitchell Salon, Wheat State Pizza
2014 Taco John's, Billy Vanilly, Chipotle, Baskin Robbins