Pay a Court Fine

For Tickets Issued AFTER Sept. 1, 2014:   

NOTE: You will leave the City of Manhattan website and be redirected to the Municipal Online Payments website.

To make a payment, you must have a citation number, driver's license number, or vehicle information available.  NOTE: it may take up to 5 - 7 business days for a new citation to be available for online payment. If you can't find your recent citation, please try back. 
  • For non-parking violations, Riley County Police Department tickets begin with a capital "A" and Kansas State University Police Department tickets begin with a "K." You must put the proper letter in front of the number to locate your ticket.
  • If you have a parking ticket that begins with a "J," you will need to enter it as a "V." For example, ticket number J10246 should be entered as V10246. 
  • If you have a ticket for over-parking in a timed zone, you will need to add a "P" to the beginning of the ticket number when entering it. For example, ticket number 12345 should be entered as P12345.

For Tickets Issued BEFORE Sept. 1, 2014:

Contact Municipal Court at 785-587-2450.