Manhattan Taxes

About Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected on the assessed valuation of taxable real and tangible property. The County Clerk provides the estimated assessed valuation used in the calculation of property taxes necessary to fund the city budget. Based upon the projected assessed valuation, the mill levy is calculated to fund ad valorem property tax revenue requirements.

Sales Tax InformationFoodNon-Food
 State of Kansas sales tax4.00%6.50%
 Riley County retail sales tax0.70%0.70%
 City of Manhattan sales tax1.00%1.00%
City of Manhattan Economic Recovery & Relief sales tax0.50%0.50%
 Quality of life sales tax0.25%0.25%
 Street maintenance sales tax0.20%0.20%
 Total Manhattan/Riley Co sales tax rate6.65%9.15%
     Downtown Redevelopment Transportation Development District sales tax 0.50%0.50%
     Total sales tax for Downtown Redevelopment shoppers 7.15%9.65%
     Blueville Nursery Transportation Development District sales tax 0.50%0.50%
     Total sales tax for Blueville Nursery shoppers 7.15%9.65%
      McDonald Transportation Development District sales tax (East Bluemont) N/A0.50%
      Total sales tax rate for McDonald shoppers N/A9.65%
      Total Mall CID
Pottawatomie County retail sales tax
Total Manhattan/Pottawatomie Co sales tax rate

About Sales Tax

Local retail sales and the sales taxes that subsequently are generated have become extremely important to the City of Manhattan as a major revenue source to operate city government. 

Kansas Sales Tax

If you would like to review the sales tax rate in other cities or counties across Kansas, please visit the Kansas Department of Revenue


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