Arts and Humanities Advisory Board

The purpose of the Arts and Humanities Advisory Board is to promote and encourage the development and awareness of the arts and humanities in the City of Manhattan, as follows:
  1. To annually review the Capital Improvement Program ("CIP") to make recommendations to incorporate arts and humanities elements into the CIP projects, as the advisory board deems appropriate;
  2. To provide an annual report and plan to the City Commission on arts and humanities opportunities in the City, to include recommended activities, programs, projects and collaborations;
  3. To research and recommend fundraising and grant opportunities;
  4. To assist with developing city guidelines related to the selection, placement and maintenance of public art and other displays, performances, exhibitions, and similar arts and humanities activities; and,
  5. To make reports and recommendations to the governing body on all matters referred to it by the governing body.
The advisory board consists of nine members. Each member of the advisory board shall serve for a period of three-year terms, for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The board membership shall consist of at least three members who have professional experience in arts and humanities. Board membership should also consist of some members who are architects, graphic designers, historians, artists or in similar fields. Members are appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the City Commission.

Staff Liaison

Jared Wasinger, Assistant City Manager
Email Jared Wasinger

Additional Information
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The board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 11:45 a.m. in the City Commission Room, City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave.


  • Doug Barrett Jr., Chair
    • Term expires: 03/31/25
  • Hilary Wahlen, Vice-Chair
    • Term expires: 03/31/24
  • Charlene Brownson
    • Term expires: 03/31/23
  • Dr. Michaeline Chance-Reay
    • Term expires: 03/31/24
  • Mike McCarty
    • Term expires: 03/31/24
  • Karen McCulloh
    • Term expires: 03/31/23
  • A. Taylor McFall
    • Term expires: 03/31/25
  • Sujatha Prakash
    • Term expires: 03/31/23
  • Luke Townsend
    • Term expires: 03/31/25