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Interactive Bike Map

Interactive Bike Map

Bike Facilities

The City of Manhattan has approximately 586 bicycle racks with a capacity to hold 6,337 bikes. The highest density of bicycle parking is located in and around the Kansas State University campus.

Bike Infrastructure

What are the differences among a bike route, bike boulevard, bike lane, and multi-use trail?
  • Bike routes are generally periphery routes on local streets with low rider demand. This is low-cost infrastructure, usually only designated by signage.
  • Bike boulevards are central routes on local streets with high rider demand. These are marked with sharrows, wayfinding and traffic calming measures.
  • Bike lanes are central routes on collector streets with high rider demand. They are marked with painted lanes and wayfinding.
  • Contraflow bike lanes allow cyclists to travel against car traffic on one-way streets. They are marked with double or single yellow lines.
  • Multi-use trails are routes that are separated from roads and open to pedestrians and cyclists. They can be concrete or gravel and may have wayfinding or informational signs
Other Biking Options

If you're interested in trying out gravel riding but don't know where to begin, the local advocacy group, BikeWalkMHK, has so maps and guidelines to help you out.


Bike Route

Bike Route

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