Community Development

Community Development

The Community Development Department handles long-range and current planning, zoning administration, historic preservation and grant administration.
  1. Current Projects
  2. Planning
  3. Zoning

Aggieville Community Vision

The public input process for planning for the future of Aggieville is underway. The Aggieville Community Vision will be a yearlong process to identify future development and infrastructure needs in the district while collecting feedback from the community.

Fort Riley Joint Land Use Study

Fort Riley, in cooperation with its regional partners, is updating its Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) to incorporate the growth that the region has experienced in the last decade.

Unified Development Ordinance

The city is under contract with Kendig Keast Collaborative to develop a unified development ordinance (UDO) that consolidates existing zoning and subdivision regulations, as well as land use and design guidelines, into a comprehensive guide for development in the community.