Planning in Progress

  1. Aggieville Community Vision

    The purpose of this project is to capture a community-wide vision for Aggieville in a comprehensive and cohesive planning document with a clear direction for development, addressing and balancing the needs and desires of the district and the community as a whole.

  2. Application Forms & Instructions

    Use these application forms and instructions to apply for planning and zoning alterations within the Manhattan city limits.

  3. Current Board of Zoning Appeals Applications

    Applications currently under consideration by the Manhattan Board of Zoning Appeals.

  4. Current Planning Board Applications

    Applications currently scheduled to be heard by the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board

  5. Housing Development in Manhattan

    View recent residential developments in Manhattan.

  6. Public Hearing Dates

    Public hearing dates for upcoming planning board and zoning appeals applications.

  7. Public Engagement FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about the public engagement process for the planning and zoning development review and approval process.

  8. Unified Development Ordinance

    The City of Manhattan has contracted to develop a unified development ordinance to create an integrated set of land development regulations for the community.

  9. Urban Core Residential District

    The Urban Core Residential District land use designation has been developed to allow high density and university-oriented housing close to campus and downtown.