Flint Hills Joint Land Use Study

A joint land use study (JLUS) is a collective planning initiative involving military installations and surrounding cities and counties. A JLUS is conducted in an effort to increase awareness of growth and development plans and issues in the areas around installations. This region’s first JLUS was completed in 2005. In late 2016 an updated JLUS was begun. It was completed in the fall of 2017 and adopted as part of the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan on 12/05/2017 by Ordinance no. 7326.

The updated Fort Riley/Flint Hills Joint Land Use Study contains recommendations and guidelines for both the military and community stakeholders to use to promote compatible development, increase base security, and build relationships among the participants (listed following).

Installation: Fort Riley
Counties: Clay, Geary, Riley
Cities: Clay Center, Grandview Plaza, Junction City, Manhattan, Milford, Ogden, Riley, Wakefield

The recommendations and guidelines will reduce potential conflicts between military installations and surrounding areas while accommodating new growth and economic development, sustaining economic vitality, protecting public health and safety, and protecting the operational missions of the installation.

The Implementation Plan (Chapter 8) provides a strategy for implementing the recommendations, identifies the key parties responsible, the time frame, and the estimated costs. The implementation is the key to the process that promotes compatibility and defends against encroachment.

Click on each of the links below to download the Final Flint Hills/Fort Riley JLUS update. 
    Flint Hills/Fort Riley JLUS

For more information, contact Community Development at 785-587-2412.