Residential Construction Details

Are You Building?
An outline of the permit and inspection process when building a home.

Cold Weather Concrete
Guidelines for pouring concrete under 30 degrees F.

Requirements for decks, as specified by the International Residential Code.

Demolition of Structures
Requirements for demolishing structures in Manhattan city limits.

Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings
Requirements for windows in new construction.

Provides information on what is and isn't allowed when installing a fence.

Fire Protection for Residential Floors
New code requirements for fire protection of residential floors.

CO Alarm Requirements in Homes Undergoing Alteration, Repair or Addition
Smoke Alarm Requirements In Homes Undergoing Alteration Repair or Addition

Miscellaneous Permits
Lists the additional permits available from Risk Reduction other than building permits.

Mobile Home Inspection Requirements
After obtaining a mobile home permit, follow these requirements when setting it.

Provides permit, electrical and enclosure requirements for all types of pools.

Roofing Requirements
Summary of common code requirements for roofs in the City of Manhattan.

Sidewalk Construction Guide
For sidewalk repair and replacement.

Work Exempt from Building Permit
These projects do not require a building permit.