2014 Budget Book

2014 Budget Book
Manhattan is a diverse community whose commission/manager form of government serves its residents and visitors by providing services which they cannot provide by themselves alone. The mission of the city is to sustain order and protect public safety, promote public health, preserve the built and natural environment and enhance economic vitality. The City of Manhattan supports a regional community in which individuals and families develop and thrive.
The City of Manhattan is located in Pottawatomie and Riley counties at the confluence of the Blue and Kansas rivers in northeast Kansas.

The City’s economic character is affected largely by two institutions - Kansas State University and Fort Riley.

Goals and Objectives
The city’s goals and objectives include expanding and promoting economic development initiatives, mitigating flooding in the community, improving regional planning, cooperation and coordination, planning for finances and debt management, protecting public safety and infrastructure, managing Downtown Redevelopment.

2014 City Budget
The Manhattan City Commission approved the fiscal year 2014 budget in August 2013. City Manager Ron R. Fehr explains the highlights.
  • Budget Process is provided for by city ordinance and state law.
  • Financial Summaries provide a “big-picture” view of the city’s budget. Included is information regarding assessed valuation, tax levy rates, and historical and comparative data.
  • General Fund is the principal fund of the city, which accounts for all financial transactions not accounted for in other funds.
  • Special Revenue Funds are used to account for revenues derived from specific taxes, government grants or other revenue sources, which are designed to finance particular functions or activities of the city.
  • Bond and Interest Fund is used to account for the payment of principal and interest on the city’s general obligation bonds, which are recorded in the general long-term debt group of accounts.
  • Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Funds are self-supporting, and the user fee inflows totally support all operational and capital costs.
  • Capital Improvement Projects and purchases of major equipment are carried out each year to meet community needs.
  • Advisory Boards and Committees assist the city Commission by providing recommendations on various policy issues.
For more information on terms used in the Budget Book, view the glossary.