City Snow Partners

City Snow Partners is a program sponsored by the City of Manhattan that intends to connect volunteers with Manhattan residents who need help clearing public sidewalks during snow events. The goal is to create safer and more accessible pedestrian walkways for elderly or disabled individuals through coordination of volunteer efforts.

The city will maintain a volunteer database and administer the program. When residents request assistance with snow removal, they will be matched with volunteers in their neighborhood to minimize travel during inclement weather.

The Volunteer Commitment

We're seeking volunteers (individuals or groups) who can assist elderly and disabled residents with snow removal. As a volunteer, you will be expected to clear snow from all public sidewalks on the resident's property and one walkway from the front door to the sidewalk. Clearing snow from any other surfaces — including driveways, porches and additional walkways — is at your discretion.

As much as possible, you'll be matched with residents in your neighborhood who need assistance in order to reduce your travel during inclement weather. If you don't have a snow shovel, that's OK. You may be able to borrow one for the season from the City of Manhattan; a limited number are available.

The most critical need for volunteers is during school breaks and around the holidays. We ask that volunteers are available throughout the winter season.

Sign up today

  • Fill out the online form
  • Call 785-587-2408
  • Or visit City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave.

Request Assistance

If you are elderly (65+), disabled or physically unable to remove snow from your sidewalks, you can request assistance from the City of Manhattan. You must reside within Manhattan city limits, and you can only register your primary residence. you'll be matched with volunteers in your area who will not accept payment for their services. They will remove snow from your public sidewalks and a walkway from your front door to a sidewalk. Other snow removal on your property will be at the volunteer's discretion.

The program is first come, first served based on number of calls received for those in need and number of volunteers available.

Sign-up for requesting assistance is closed for the 2018-19 winter season due to a low number of volunteers. Please look back in the fall of 2019 for sign-up options.