Winter Weather Info

Snow and Ice Removal from Private Property
Property owners or occupants should remove snow and ice from any sidewalk used by the general public within 36 hours of the end of any measurable precipitation that has accumulated. Do not place removed snow and ice into any public street, alley or sidewalk. To assist with fire response in the community, please also dig out any fire hydrants located on your property. The city will not clear driveways or private property unless an emergency service requests it. Sprinkle rock salt on all walkways, or use calcium chloride pellets to melt ice. Cat litter can also be used to gain traction on the ice.

City of Manhattan Pre-Treatment Plan

The City of Manhattan follows a priority plan for pre-treating city streets. The primary level priorities include streets considered to be major traffic routes, collector and residential streets involving severe grades, and school zones. The secondary level priorities include collector streets, residential streets with significant grades and selected intersections. Residential streets not on the primary or secondary levels are not pre-treated.

City of Manhattan Snow Removal Plan

The same priority plan for pre-treatment is followed for snow removal during and after a winter storm. In addition, residential streets will be plowed when accumulations reach a point requiring they be plowed, generally 2 inches or more. Public works staff makes the decision to plow residential streets.

The city does not clear driveways or private property unless an emergency service requests it. Snow placed on driveways and sidewalks abutting streets is the responsibility of the property owner to remove. If you need assistance clearing snow from your property, City Snow Partners may be able to help.

Each storm is unique, and various level of activities may be required based on storm severity, temperatures prior to the storm, predicted temperatures during and after the storm, and equipment availability.

Closed Roads

During inclement weather, city crews will likely close two streets due to steep grades. Ehlers Road from Tuttle Creek Boulevard to Ratone Street and Colbert Hills Road from the golf course clubhouse to Vanesta Drive will have posted signs during road closures. Local traffic on Ehlers Road are asked to exit east to Tuttle Creek Boulevard. Local traffic on Colbert Hills Road are asked to exit west on Colbert Hills Road.

Downtown and Aggieville

When snow accumulation is sufficient to require removal of snow from downtown Manhattan and aggieville streets (as determined by public works staff), the city will plow the snow to the center of the street. The snow will be removed as soon as personnel and equipment are available.

Use Caution near Snowplow Operators

Snowplows travel at a low rate of speed — usually less than 15 mph — and operators have a blind spot directly behind their trucks. Be sure to travel behind the snowplow at a safe distance for your safety and theirs. Snowplows don't just move snow; they also spread sand or de-icer behind, which can cause damage to a vehicle.

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