Boards, Committees, and Outside Agencies


Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board (Quasi-Judicial) addresses a range of community issues in the Manhattan urban area.

Board of Zoning Appeals (Quasi-Judicial) considers and approves or denies applications requesting relief from the Manhattan Development Code.

Historic Resources Board encourages the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of historic properties within the city.


Downtown Plan Steering Committee is a temporary committee assembled to advise, inform, and assist throughout the creation and adoption of an area plan for downtown, called the Beyond Tomorrow Downtown Plan, that will guide development and policy decisions in the downtown for the next 10 to 20 years.

Workforce Housing Steering Committee is a temporary body of representatives from various housing-related industries reviewing options and making recommendations to the City Commission on the 10% allocation toward workforce housing initiatives from the Economic Recovery and Relief sales tax.

Outside Agencies

Community Development coordinates and partners with a variety of city, county, and regional agencies, including but not limited to: