Be Prepared for Flooding

Before a Flood

  1. Know safety tips and build an emergency supply kit. Include drinking water, a first-aid kit, canned food, a radio, flashlight and blankets. Use this disaster supply checklist to be prepared. The National Weather Service has more flood safety tips and information.
  2. Have a family emergency plan in place. Plan and practice flood evacuation routes from home, work and school that are on higher ground.
  3. Move important objects and papers to a safe place. Store your valuables where they won't get damaged.

During a Flood

  1. Go to higher ground. Get out of areas subject to flooding, including dips, low spots, canyons, washes, etc.
  2. Avoid areas already flooded, especially when water flows fast. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams. Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.
  3. Never drive through flooded roadways. Roadbeds may be washed out under flood waters and just 2 feet of moving water can sweep an SUV off the road.