Game Day Parking

Parking restrictions and temporary parking permissions are in place for all home Kansas State football games for areas surrounding Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The City Commission approved these parking modifications on home football game days to improve safety and allow for better emergency access.
Prohibited Parking
Parking is prohibited, and tow zones are established, along the following streets on game days:
  • Hobbs Drive — south side from College Avenue to Kenmar Drive
  • Himes Road — south side from College Avenue to Winne Drive
  • Vaughn Drive — south side from Kenmar Drive to College Avenue
  • Ranser Road — west side from Kimball Avenue to Hobbs Drive
  • Cassell Road — south side from Ranser Road to Kenmar Drive
  • Kenmar Drive — west side from Kimball Avenue to Hobbs Drive
  • Winne Drive — west side from Kenmar Drive to Hobbs Drive
  • North side of Sunny Circle
  • North side of Meade Circle
  • West side of Parkway Drive
  • Hillview Drive — east side from Kimball Avenue to St. Christopher Circle
  • Hillview Drive — southeast, south and west side from St. Christopher Circle to College Avenue
  • Snowbird Drive — south and west side from Tamarron Terrace to the end of Snowbird Drive cul-de-sac
  • Skyler Circle
Parking Restrictions on Game Days

Temporary Parking

In areas designated by the City Manager, property owners are permitted to allow temporary front yard parking during Kansas State University home football game days. This game day parking is allowed on streets that have been limited to parking on one side, as long as property owners have existing access to their property from the street. Front yard parking is also allowed on properties that have access to a four-lane street. This parking allowance addresses congestion, access and safety concerns expressed by some residents.

The following area allows temporary parking:
  • An area bounded by Browning Avenue on the west, Claflin Road on the south, Denison Avenue on the east and city limits on the north.
These parking restrictions will be in effect following all home games.
Temporary Parking on Game Days

After the Game

Follow the traffic direction map provided by Riley County Police to exit the game safely.