Public Engagement FAQs

There are several ways you can get involved and participate in the planning and zoning process in Manhattan. Maybe you received a notice in the mail of a neighborhood meeting concerning a zoning action in your neighborhood. Maybe you heard of a proposal through the city's In Touch email notification system or through the Nextdoor social networking site. Or maybe it was by word of mouth from your friends and neighbors. Below are frequently asked questions about how to get involved in the planning and development review process.
Why did I receive written notice of a neighborhood meeting?
Who must an applicant notify for a neighborhood meeting?
Why must applicants hold their own neighborhood meeting?
Who can/should attend the neighborhood meeting?
What if I can't attend the neighborhood meeting?
What happens after the neighborhood meeting?
How is public notice given for the public hearing?
What if I can't attend the public hearing?
Who should attend the public hearing?
How do I sign up for email notifications for upcoming planning and zoning development reviews?
What happens at the public hearing?
How do I contact members of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), Planning Board or City Commission wit