Community Survey

The City of Manhattan conducted its second Community Survey from March 6 to April 6, 2017. Surveys were mailed to a random set of 2,500 households within Manhattan City limits. This year, selected respondents had the option of taking the survey online or mailing back a paper copy of the survey.

The City again partnered with Kansas State University's Department of Political Science to develop and administer the survey, as well as analyze the collective results. The final report can be accessed below, summarizing the major findings of the survey, which received a 24.2% response rate. Many of the same questions from the 2015 Community Survey about general services and quality of life were asked again, which will allow us to begin tracking trends over time. City staff and the Manhattan City Commission will use the results of the survey to help prioritize and determine support for future projects.

Community Survey Results
In 2015, the City of Manhattan conducted its first Community Survey. Approximately 2,000 households received the survey, which asked questions about satisfaction of services, support for future growth, funding mechanisms and overall quality of life issues.

The City worked with Kansas State University to distribute the survey and compile and analyze the results. The official report summarizes the major findings from the survey, which had a 22.8% response rate.
To reach a greater number of residents and further understand the quality of life for City of Manhattan residents, an online community survey was provided to an additional 3,664 residents who supplied their email addresses to the utility billing department.