West Anderson

West Anderson traffic impacts

Starting Aug. 16, the roundabout at the intersection of Anderson, Scenic and Kimball will be open with one lane in and out of the roundabout in each direction. Additional lanes in and out of the roundabout will open later in the project.

Construction is ongoing on other aspects of the project. The work zone speed limit remains 20 mph. Please use caution and obey posted speed limits and traffic control during this work.

Proposed West Anderson Design

Proposed West Anderson Design

Traffic Improvements

A roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Scenic Drive, Kimball Avenue and Anderson Avenue. Temporary roads are currently being constructed to allow continued access through this intersection during construction of the roundabout in summer 2017.

Scheduled street maintenance on Anderson Avenue from Hudson Street to Anneberg Park will be accelerated and completed as part of this project. Anderson will also be reconstructed from Hudson to Christy as a three-lane roadway. A second southbound lane on Scenic Drive will be added. Turning lanes will be added on Kimball Avenue. The majority of the paving for this project will occur in spring and summer 2017.

Entrances to the new Scenic Crossing subdivision at the northeast corner of the intersection will also be constructed as part of the project.

Currently, underground utility work is occurring to relocate sanitary sewer and water lines to allow for the construction of an extensive storm sewer network. Utility work will continue through the winter.

Pedestrian Improvements

Sidewalks will be added along Anderson Avenue, on Cumberland Road, through the roundabout and west to Christy Lane. A HAWK signal will be installed at a crosswalk near the Anneberg Park entrance.

Bid alternates that were accepted include paving the northern portion of the Anneberg Park Trail and building a pedestrian sidewalk on the east side of Scenic Drive.

City staff and BG Consultants are still exploring options to develop a pedestrian crossing under the south end of the Wildcat Creek bridge to provide safe pedestrian access to the west side of Scenic Drive and the Highland Ridge subdivision.


The City Commission awarded a construction contract to Pavers Inc. for $6,420,919. The project is anticipated to be paid in the following ways:
  •  $77,549 for extension of sanitary sewer main to be paid with 2016 CIP wastewater funds
  • $202,955 for relocation of water main to be paid with 2016 CIP water funds
  • $689,848 for extension of storm sewer on Anderson Avenue, Kimball Avenue and Scenic Drive to be paid with 2016 CIP stormwater funds
  • $512,500 for trail extension through the project area to be paid with revenue from new property and sales taxes at Scenic Crossing and through permanent financing 
  • $414,035 for mill and overlay and restriping on Anderson Avenue from Anneberg Park to Windsong Lane and along Scenic Drive south of Anderson to be paid with 2016 street maintenance funds
  • $4.5 million for construction of the roundabout and roadway improvements to be paid with revenue from new property and sales taxes at Scenic Crossing and through permanent financing
  • $177,147 for turn lanes into the Scenic Crossing development to be paid through special assessments on public infrastructure in the subdivision (costs were included in original petitions)


Award of bid June 2016
Construction timeline Now through fall 2017 (approximately 18 months)
  • Utility work — now through winter 2016-17
  • Roundabout construction — summer 2017
  • Paving — spring and summer 2017

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Scenic Crossing subdivision was completed in spring 2017