Subdivision Projects

  1. Heritage Square North, Unit 2

    Heritage Square North Unit 2 is an eight-unit subdivision located north of U.S. 24 at the South Port intersection.

  2. The Highlands at Grand Mere

    The Highlands at Grand Mere and Prairie Village at the Highlands is the next subdivision to extend Grand Mere Parkway.

  3. Ledgestone Ridge Addition

    The Ledgestone Ridge Addition is located north of Miller Parkway and is the former Independence Place tract of land.

  4. Legacy Ridge

    Legacy Ridge is a subdivision off of Grand Mere Parkway.

  5. Northwing Addition, Unit 2

    Northwing Addition, Unit 2, is a subdivision located north of Marlatt Avenue and east of Northwing Addition, Unit 1.

  6. The Links at Manhattan

    The Links at Manhattan is a planned unit development in northeast Manhattan with a proposed large apartment complex on site.