Water/Wastewater Projects

  1. 2017 Water Line Improvements

    A number of water line improvements will be made in 2017 to address capacity issues.

  2. Allen Road Improvements

    Improvements will occur on Allen Road to address a sanitary sewer issue and improve water and stormwater infrastructure at the same time.

  3. Cured-in-Place Pipe Sewer Lining Project

    The City of Manhattan has an annual cured-in-place pipe project that lines sanitary sewer lines to prevent infiltration of groundwater, stormwater and debris.

  4. Denison Avenue Water Line Improvements

    Water lines will be replaced on Denison Avenue to meet demands in the area, and the street will be replaced from Anderson to College Heights

  5. Eureka Valley Transmission Main Project

    The Eureka Valley Transmission Main project intends to provide better water volumes and meet water demand for the Eureka Valley/K-18 corridor and at Manhattan Business Park.

  6. Hydrant and Valve Replacement

    The annual hydrant and valve replacement project addresses fire hydrants and water valves that have been identified for replacement to keep the water system functioning properly.

  7. Manhole Rehabilitation

    The city's sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation program lines manhole walls and the manholes to prevent infiltration by groundwater.

  8. Water Treatment Plant Improvements

    Improvements at the Water Treatment Plant are scheduled for 2016 and 2017.

  9. West Anderson Sanitary Sewer

    The West Anderson sanitary sewer project will provide sewer service to the Wells Landing subdivision and alleviate lift stations in the area.