Eureka Valley Transmission Main Project

Project Description

The Eureka Valley Transmission Main project intends to meet anticipated water demand and increase water volume for the Eureka Valley/K-18 Corridor and the Manhattan Business Park. Approximately 24,000 linear feet of high-pressure, high-volume transmission water main will be constructed from the Miller Ranch water tower to the Manhattan Business Park.

Nowak Construction Co. was the contractor for the first phase to construct a 2,200 linear feet of transmission water main along the south frontage of the Airport terminal and parking area. This also involved extending sanitary sewer service west of the Airport entrance.

Bayer Construction Co. was awarded the contract for Phase II construction.


  • Construction cost for Phase I is $534,663.71 to be financed by temporary notes, with annual payments from the Water and Wastewater Funds.
  • Construction cost for Phase II is $2,714,6006.05 to be financed by issuing general obligation bonds, with debt service payments anticipated to come from the Water Fund.


Award of bid, Phase I May 2014
Construction timeline, Phase I June 2014 — October 2014
Award of bid, Phase II September 2016
Construction timeline, Phase II TBD 2016

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