Ledgestone Ridge Addition

Project Description

Ledgestone Ridge Addition is an approximately 38-acre subdivision proposed northeast of the future intersection of Miller Parkway and Scenic Drive. The subdivision is proposed to have 37 lots in Ledgestone Ridge, Unit Two; 2 lots in Ledge Stone Addition; and 2 lots in Ledgestone Ridge Addition, Unit One.

Stone Pointe Land Co. and SSF Development LLC have petitioned to extend water, sanitary sewer, streets and a trail through the subdivisions. Costs associated with this development would be paid through a benefit district with some City participation for construction of a trail.

Larson Construction Inc. is the contractor.

The City Commission approved a land transfer of approximately 15 acres from this subdivision to the City for development of a trail to connect the Stone Pointe neighborhood and Anneberg Park to the north to the new development to the south. A 3-acre green space for community use is also planned.


Construction costs are $1,245,277.20. The City will pay 33% from the Bond and Interest Fund for the cost of the development of a multi-use trail, and City will pay 1/47th of the sanitary sewer costs from the Wastewater Fund to provide sanitary sewer service to the Park at Lee Mill Heights. Total City share on the project is $73,980.89.


Rezoned January 2016
Land transfer March 2016
Award of bid September 2016
Construction timeline November 2016 — May 2017

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