Downtown Watershed Study

Project Description

The Downtown Watershed Study documented the existing stormwater infrastructure and developed modeling for the area. The Downtown Watershed is bounded on the west by College Avenue and on the north by Kimball Avenue, flowing south and east to Wildcat Creek and the Kansas River. It covers approximately 3,500 acres and has more than two dozen sub-basins. The majority of stormwater from the watershed basin eventually discharges through the levee.

AMEC/Foster/Wheeler was hired to model the area based on historical and current observations and propose future projects that could help alleviate flooding that occurs, particularly street flooding along North Manhattan Avenue, Bluemont Avenue, Anderson Avenue, 14th Street and Poyntz Avenue.

The study produced 14 proposed Capital Improvement Program projects for future consideration. At this time, none of the projects have been approved in a Capital Improvement Program. Some of the significant improvements include:
  • Kearney Street Collector — would capture stormwater from North Manhattan Avenue, overflow from 14th Street and Anderson Avenue, and stormwater from the M-FRO district, then convey that stormwater to the Tuttle Creek Boulevard ditch. This project would be the backbone for several others. Estimated cost is $25 million.
  • Poyntz Avenue/Houston Street Collector — would collect stormwater from Poyntz Avenue and Houston Street and convey it south down 5th Street and south to the levee. This would be a transmission stormwater system to alleviate flooding in the core downtown area and divert some water away from the Tuttle Creek Boulevard ditch. Estimated cost is $4 million.
    • Olsson Associates has been contracted to design an infrastructure project for the 5th Street and Houston Street area. They will study the area and collect public input about the design of future stormwater flow. Construction of the project is anticipated in 2018.
  • Manhattan Avenue Collector — would collect and convey stormwater from the Poyntz Avenue and South Manhattan Avenue intersection south to the outfall at Wildcat Creek. This project would alleviate overflow that ends up in the downtown area and Juliette Avenue and South 4th Street flooding issues. Estimated cost is $4 million.
  • Tuttle Creek Boulevard Channel Outlet Improvements — would build a second outfall to the Kansas River and a second pump station to lower water surface elevation when high water Kansas River events occur. Estimated cost is $13 million.


Engineering services from AMEC/Foster/Wheeler of $174,540 was a Capital Improvement Program project. Funding for the proposed projects has not been identified.


None at this time

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