Open Records Request 

Manhattan Municipal Court Record Request Policy

Please complete the Open Records Request Form with as much detailed information as you have so that we can better assist you. Forms can be submitted by email, by mail to 610 Colorado St., Manhattan, KS 66502, by fax to 785-587-2459, or in person.

Public records possessed by the city shall be open for public inspection as provided by, and subject to the restrictions imposed by, the Kansas Open Records Request Act (K.S.A. 45-215 et seq.)

The policy of open records is to provide full access to public records under control of the Municipal Court; to protect court records from damage and disorganization; to prevent excessive disruption of agency functions; to provide assistance and information upon request; and to insure effective and timely action in response to applications for inspection of public records. The court shall be open for the inspection of public records during its normal business hours.

The following files, but not limited to, are confidential and are not open to public inspection:
  • Presentence investigation reports and diagnostic reports
  • Expunged criminal records
  • Affidavits or sworn testimony in support of an issuance of an arrest warrant or summons
  • Arrest warrants not served in a criminal case
  • Alcohol and drug abuse treatment records
  • Probationer progress reports
  • Employee personnel records
  • Medical records
  • Sealed dispositions