Pet Licenses

About the Pet License Ordinance
On Nov. 18, 1997, the City Commission approved Ordinance No. 5068, which regulates the licensing of dogs and cats. Following are the main provisions of the ordinance:
  • Within 30 days after turning four months of age, dogs and cats must be licensed and vaccinated in Manhattan.
  • Proof of vaccination showing the expiration month must be provided in order to receive a pet license.
  • Proof of Neutering / Spaying must be provided in order to receive the Neutered / Spayed license price.

License Fees

Term of License  Unneutered/Unspayed Neutered/Spayed
Up to one year $12 $6
Up to two years $22 $11
Up to three years $30 $15

Additional Information About Licenses

  • Customers have the option of buying an annual license as long as the term of the license does not exceed the month in which the anti-rabies vaccine expires.
  • The city provides vets with applications and envelopes (postage paid by the city) that can be given to their customers.
  • The application and appropriate fee can be mailed to the customer service office, and the pet license will then be mailed to the applicant.
  • Each month, the customer service office sends out a renewal notice for every pet whose license expires the beginning of the next month. Only one renewal notice is sent.
  • Each month, the customer service office provides the Animal Shelter with a list of all pets currently licensed, expiration date of rabies vaccine and the license term.
  • Pet licenses are numbered chronologically and are no longer dated.