Unified Development Ordinance

The City of Manhattan has contracted with Kendig Keast Collaborative to write a unified development ordinance (UDO). A UDO is a regulatory tool that integrates existing zoning regulations, subdivision regulations and other applicable regulations and design guidelines for land use and development in Manhattan.
The goal of the project is to implement recommendations identified in the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan, identify opportunities to streamline the development review and approval process, create development regulations that use best practices for the economic, social and political climate today and in the future, and more. Stakeholders will be involved through an open, fair and equitable process that focuses on community engagement and creates support for the final product. Graphics and Internet/mobile-based platforms and implementation approaches will make the UDO more user-friendly, searchable and easier to understand for citizens, businesses and property owners, consultants, and developers.

White & Smith LLC, Gateway Planning Group and Confluence will assist Kendig Keast Collaborative on the project, which is expected to be in development through 2018.