Unified Development Ordinance

The draft of the Unified Development Ordinance is live on the enCode Plus website - http://online.encodeplus.com/regs/manhattan-udo


The City of Manhattan has contracted with Kendig Keast Collaborative to write a unified development ordinance (UDO). A UDO is a regulatory tool that integrates existing zoning regulations, subdivision regulations and other applicable regulations and design guidelines for land use and development in Manhattan. The goal of the project is to implement recommendations identified in the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan, identify opportunities to streamline the development review and approval process, create development regulations that use best practices for the economic, social and political climate today and in the future, and more. Stakeholders will be involved through an open, fair and equitable process that focuses on community engagement and creates support for the final product. Graphics and Internet/mobile-based platforms and implementation approaches will make the UDO more user-friendly, searchable and easier to understand for citizens, businesses and property owners, consultants, and developers.

White & Smith LLC, Gateway Planning Group and Confluence will assist Kendig Keast Collaborative on the project, which is expected to be in development through 2018.

Guidance during this 18-month long project is provided by the Ordinance Advisory Committee (OAC), the Technical Advisory Team (TAT), the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board and the City Commission.  Members of the OAC and TAT are listed below.

The City of Manhattan has created a informational series for the UDO to highlight important changes to existing zoning and subdivision regulations or for new concepts being proposed for the UDO.  This informational series can be found at www.cityofmhk.com/HowDoUDO

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The City Administration has proposed a draft section to address nonconforming uses, structures and lots.  The draft section is available for review.

The second module of the UDO has been drafted and is available for review.  This module establishes standards for the subdivision of land, regulations to protect against flooding and site development standards, such as parking requirements and regulations for signage, landscaping, and lighting.

Review and drafting of the first module is still occurring.  Module #1 provides the regulations that establishes the authority of the UDO, creates the new framework for the City’s Zoning Districts and sets out specific regulations for these new districts.  Regulations that would allow for mixed-use developments (residential and commercial), accessory dwelling units in single-family residential districts and “tiny homes” have been proposed as new development types for Manhattan.

Below are recordings of Bret Keast’s, Kendig Keast Collaborative, presentation to the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board on the modules.  A pdf of the Keast’s PowerPoint presentation for module #1 can be found here.  The PowerPoint presentation for module #2 can be found here.

Module 1 Presentation                                                                                         Module  2 Presentation

SMALL from Module 1 Planning Board Meeting_MUAPB Presentation image of the powerpoint presentation for UDO module 2

If you have questions or comments about the UDO, module #1 or module #2, please contact Chad Bunger at bunger@cityofmhk.com.

Ordinance Advisory Committee
 Bret Tremblay - Alfred Benesch & Company
Connie Hamilton - Board of Zoning Appeals
Emily Koenig - Ekoe Architecture
 Greg Fief - Schwab Eaton
Jeff Hancock - SMH Consulting
Keith Zachariasen - Community Member
Kelly Adams - Realtor
Ken Ebert - Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board
 Matthew Kohls - BG Consultants
Neil Horton - Bayer Construction Company, Inc.
Rich Seidler - Commercial Real Estate Services
 Ron Hageman - Hageman Construction
Sara Fischer - Community Member
 Sean Ruth - Redi Systems
 Tim Schultz - Schultz Construction

 Technical Advisory Team
Ben Chmiel
Community Development
BJ Edmonston
Public Works
Brad Claussen
Code Services
Brian Johnson
Public Works
Casey Smithson
Parks & Recreation
Chad Bunger
Community Development
Courtney Kramer
Eric Cattell
Community Development
Gary Fees
City Clerk
Vivienne Uccello
City Manager’s Office
J. David Mattox
Park & Recreation
Jason Hilgers
City Manager’s Office
 Jesse Romo
Manhattan Regional Airport
John Adam
Community Development
Justin Befort
Code Services
Karen Becker
Public Works
 Ken Hays
Public Works
Kiel Mangus
City Manager’s Office
Mark Lee
Public Works
Rachel Zenger
City Attorney’s Office
Randy DeWitt
Public Works
Rick Berry
Code Services
Rick Stillwagon
Fire Department
Robert Ott
Public Works
Ryan Courtright
Fire Department
Stephanie Peterson
Flint Hills Metropolitan
Planning Organization
 Wyatt Thompson
Parks & Recreation
Shauna Laauwe
Community Development
Captain Tim Hagerty
Riley County Police Department
Jared Temblay
Flint Hills Metropolitan
Planning Organization