Report It! FAQs

Download the City of Manhattan Report It! mobile app for Android or Apple devices.

After download:
  1. Set up your account with name and email address so those automatically populate on any requests you make.
  2. Explore the app using the top left button to find information about service requests, links to popular websites, and community maps.
When submitting a request, you can choose to:
  1. Create a photo/video by taking one in real time
  2. Browsing photos/videos by using one you've already taken
  3. Continuing without a photo/video if you do not have one
The app determines your location based on your GPS location. To ensure this capability, look for Location in your phone's privacy settings and make sure it is set to "On." The app may have difficulty locating you if this setting is not on, if it is a particularly overcast day, or if you are in a building without good cell service.

If you are reporting an issue at a different location than your current location, you can type in a different address or move the target icon to a different location. A description is also required for all reports. It's important you enter the location of the issue and a description, even if it's approximate, so our crews can investigate and follow up on the report.
Graphic of Report It! Mobile App