Allen Road Improvements

Project Description

New sanitary sewer will be installed on Allen Road from Casement Road to Prairie Glen Place to improve capacity, particularly during wet weather when city crews have traditionally needed to bypass pump this area in order to prevent sewer backups into homes. Upsized water lines will be installed in this same area to provide better domestic and fire flows between Tuttle Creek Boulevard and Casement Road. Stormwater inlets will be replaced and others will be added to improve capacity to handle stormwater runoff from Allen Road. The street between Casement Road and Prairie Glen Place will be replaced after other infrastructure is installed.

Middlecreek Corp. will be the contractor on this project.


  • Total construction costs are $954,009.05 to be paid from a combination of the Water, Wastewater and Stormwater funds.


Award of bid May 16
Construction timeline May-November 2017

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