Food and Farm Council

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Food and Farm Council is to advocate for and sustain an accessible, healthy, and local food system. The Food and Farm Council of Riley County and the City of Manhattan, Kansas envisions a local food system that supports healthy living in our community. To accomplish this the Council must:

  • Identify and prioritize needs and make recommendations that promote, support, and strengthen access to local, healthy, safe, affordable food
  • Educate and advise the City/County Commissions on local food system needs
  • Provide a forum for people involved in different parts of the local food system and local government officials for fostering collaborative coordinated actions to improve our local food system

Council Goals

  • Serve as a city- and county-appointed council of community members to strengthen communication, education, and policy within the food system.
  • Make local and healthy food options more available, accessible, and affordable.
  • Support education of growing, choosing, and preparing nutritious foods.
  • Improve health outcomes through the reduction of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.

Council Membership Requirements

Members shall have expertise in relevant fields, and to the extent possible, represent the diversity of the community in aspects such as culture, gender, age, and geography. Priority will be given to applicants who live or work in the City of Manhattan, Riley County, and adjoining counties.

The 15-member Council will have six City appointees and nine County appointees. If you would like to serve as a member of the Council please review which stakeholder group you would like to represent and go to the City or County web page to fill out an interest form.

Member Qualifications

City Appointments

  • One member representing the community-at-large
  • One member representing food retail
  • One member representing at-risk populations/hunger relief
  • One member representing Kansas State University
  • One member representing food system related business/Chamber member preferred.
  • One member representing schools or other institutional food purchaser

County Appointments

  • One member representing health professionals (Healthcare, nutrition, healthy food advocacy)
  • One member representing senior citizens/at-risk populations
  • One member representing waste management/recycling
  • One member representing the community at large
  • One member representing Kansas State Research and Extension/health food advocacy
  • One member representing traditional agriculture production/ag organization
  • One member representing small farm production
  • One member representing the County Health Department or other public health/hunger relief
  • One member that represents healthy food advocacy/hunger relief

City Liaison

Email City Manager's Office for more information.


Visit the Food and Farm Council website at


Council meetings are currently being held at the KSU Alumni Center, Foxhole Conference Room, 1800 Kimball Avenue, on the third Monday of the month at 11:30 a.m.