Resilient Wildcat Creek

The Resilient Wildcat Creek Watershed planning initiative is designed to investigate and communicate the flood risks for homeowners, renters, and business owners and to create a list of actionable items to better protect life and property.  The plan will not only look at what floods by storms in the Wildcat Creek Watershed, but also who is impacted by the flood waters.

The ultimate goal of the planning process is to find meaningful solutions to better protect lives and property from the flash floods in the Wildcat Creek Watershed.

The planning process will be guided by the Citizen Advisory Team (CAT), an ad hoc committee made up of individuals who were directly impacted by the recent floods.

Draft Resilient Wildcat Creek Plan Goals

The Citizen Advisory Team (CAT) and City and County staff members have drafted the following set of goals for the Resilient Wildcat Creek Plan at the last CAT meeting at March 7, 2019 meeting.  The full list of meeting comments, as well as “homework” by staff and CAT members can be found here.  These goals represent aspirations for the plan and will guide the objectives and action items throughout the Resilient Wildcat Creek planning process to find ways to better protect those impacted by flooding on Wildcat Creek.  


Goal 1:  Create a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional approach with City, County, State, and Federal partners to manage the floodplains, and address flood risks and environmental concerns in the Wildcat Creek Watershed.

Goal 2:  Actively manage and mitigate the flood risks along Wildcat Creek to better protect lives and properties.  


Goal 3:  Improve public understanding of the flood risks that accompany living near Wildcat Creek and within the Wildcat Creek Watershed, through education and outreach to ensure that appropriate measures are taken by all residents, business owners, and property owners to better protect themselves and their property from flooding.

Goal 4:  Foster resilient neighborhoods, where residents are socially connected to one another and are prepared to respond in the time of an emergency.


Goal 5: Ensure that technologies and procedures are in place to provide the most advanced warning of flood risks as possible to all residents, businesses, property owners and the community at large.

Goal 6: Ensure that appropriate training and equipment is provided to City and County emergency responders to be able to safely and quickly act during a flood event.

Recovering Forward

Goal 7:  Develop regional partnerships now so that immediately after a flood event, quick and effective recovery assistance is available to tenants, homeowners, and business owners to make them whole and more resilient than before the flood.

Goal 8:  Obtain a balance between the City and County’s development needs and the proper natural functions of the floodplain in the Wildcat Creek Watershed.

More information on the Resilient Wildcat Creek Watershed project will be posted soon.  Please check back