Bicycle & Pedestrian Systems Plan

The City of Manhattan, in partnership with the Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), is developing a new plan for walking and biking in Manhattan. The Bicycle & Pedestrian Systems Plan (Systems Plan) will provide a 20-year vision to expand and enhance the community’s biking and walking infrastructure, and will accomplish the following...

  • Develop a common vision for walking and biking in Manhattan that encompasses the needs of all ages and abilities
  • Build on previous local planning and engagement efforts
  • Build capacity to support safe walking and biking in Manhattan
  • Promote and energize a culture of walking and biking
  • Identify walking and biking route improvements
  • Develop priorities to invest in walking and biking infrastructure
  • Create guidance and provide tools for implementation

The City and MPO selected a consulting team including Alta Planning + Design, Shockey Consulting, and CFS Engineers to assist with the process. The project is funded in part by a federal grant, administered by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The Systems Plan will replace the City's 1999 Bicycle Master Plan. 

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An approximate schedule for plan development, community outreach, and adoption of the plan is coming soon!

Community Engagement

Community engagement will play an integral role in the decision-making process for the Systems Plan. The City of Manhattan and Flint Hills MPO will work in conjunction with the consultant team to engage residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders throughout the planning process. Community members will have the opportunity to: review the draft Systems Plan vision and goals; help identify infrastructure needs, opportunities, and priorities; and provide feedback on draft recommendations. Links to online engagement and details about community workshops will be posted below as information is available.

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Steering Committee

A Steering Committee has been convened to provide guidance at key points during the planning process. The Steering Committee is a working group representing the diverse interests of the community that will guide the decision-making and planning process.

The Steering Committee consists of individuals who:

  • Have a pulse on a variety of issues the community faces
  • Consider the interests of others and all sides of each issue
  • Think futuristically, strategically, and holistically about the entire community
  • Could potentially lead the community during implementation

Through a series of meetings, the Steering Committee will:

  • Draft a vision, goals, and guiding principles for the planning process
  • Shape decision-making criteria
  • Listen to and represent the community
  • Come to a consensus around the recommended plan for Manhattan
  • Attend the final meeting where the plan is presented to the City Commission

Online Engagement Activities (Interactive Map & Survey)

Coming Soon!

Community Workshops

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Documents (PDFs of Current Maps)

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