Aggieville Community Vision to Reality


The City of Manhattan is in the process of major redevelopments to the public infrastructure in Aggieville. This development is envisioned to encourage growth in the community, lend itself to the expansion of the City as an economically driven district for future jobs and growth, creating a vibrant, historic, pedestrian-orientated urban district that offers diverse shopping, dining, entertainment, and residential opportunities to students, visitors and the broader community.

Over the next five years, public infrastructure improvements will include new and expanded streets & sidewalks, streetscape and landscaping amenities, lighting upgrades, alley improvements, a public parking garage located on the city-owned property at the corner of North Manhattan Avenue and West Laramie Street, and much more. 

TIF District Boundary (Final)

Project Cost and Funding

Total project costs for all improvements is estimated to be 30 million. The City has established a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District in Aggieville that will generate $15-20 million over the next 20 years to help pay for the project. When a TIF district is created, the City establishes a base valuation for all properties in the district and freezes it. The district continues to provide property tax revenue to the City, County, USD 383 and State at that level for the next 20 years. The City then captures the increase above the base in tax revenue resulting from rising property value in the future years. This is not a new tax or additional fee, it is a result of growth and increased valuations due to development and increases in land value. 


Aggieville Timeline

Project  Year Description
Aggieville Community Survey 2016 4,200+ responses from students, residents, Aggieville business owners, K-State alumni and more. Main themes included: limited parking capacity, pedestrian/sidewalk improvements, mixed use of business and residential, redevelopment opportunities and more.
State of the Ville Report 2016 Compilation of background information, survey and focus group results, other data. It established the conditions and trends from recent years on a range of factors shaping Aggieville.
Aggieville Parking and Infrastructure Assesment 2017 Hire consultants determined existing and future parking demands for the district and the need for a parking garage and parking management, as well as capacity and needs for streets, water, sewer and storm water.
Aggieville Community Vision Plan 2017 Adopted by the City Commission, the plan describing the future vision for Aggieville and projects to follow
Community Vision to Reality Master Plan 2018 Plans developed to outline more detailed concepts related to parking garage, traffic flow and demand, streetscape/sidewalk expansion and design, Triangle Park .
Phase 1 2019 Design: Parking Garage, W. Laramie from 14th to N. Manhattan, Bluemont from N. Man. to 12th, 12th Street from Bluemont to Moro.
Phase 2 2020 Construction: Parking Garage, W. Laramie from 14th to N. Manhattan, Bluemont from N. Man. to 12th, 12th Street from Bluemont to Moro. Design: N. Manhattan Ave from Bluemont to Fremont.
Phase 3 2021 Construction: N. Manhattan Ave from Bluemont to Fremont. Design: Moro Street from N. Manhattan to 11th Street.
Phase 4 2022 Construction: Moro Street from N. Manhattan Ave to 11th Street. Design: 12th Street from Moro to Laramie Street.
Phase 5 2023 Construction: 12th Street from Moro to Laramie. Design: Laramie from N. Manhattan to 11th Street
Phase 6 2024 Construction: Laramie from North Manhattan Avenue to 11th Street.
Other Improvements 2020-2025 Design and construction of alley improvements, triangle park, perimeter streets and entryways, etc. 

Parking Garage & Parking Demand

The Aggieville Community Vision Plan identified growth and redevelopment, with a particular emphasis on residential and commercial land uses. Several scenarios were modeled from an infrastructure standpoint, each with varying land use densities—low growth, medium growth, and high growth. In any scenario, the existing public parking infrastructure is not sufficient to accommodate new demand; thus, resulting in the need for additional parking infrastructure. The study shows an Aggieville-wide parking supply deficiency between 800 and 1,500 stalls when the growth. However, for a long time the City and Chamber of Commerce have heard from potential developers that they could not develop in Aggieville until there was additional parking supply in the district. 

Conceptual Layout of Public Parking Garage

Aggieville garage model drawing

In May 2019, the City Commission authorized execution of design agreements with to begin creating a public parking garage on the city-owned parking lot at N. Manhattan Avenue and West Laramie Street (south of Rally House), as well as development of a parking management plan for all of Aggieville. The garage is envisioned to supply approximately 500 spaces on five levels, increasing capacity in the district and serving as a catalyst for new growth and development. Ground floor commercial space will be integrated along N. Manhattan and Laramie street. Construction is expected to begin in 2020.

District Improvements & Growth

The public infrastructure in Aggieville (streets, sidewalks, etc.) has not been substantially improved in over 30 years. As development of the parking garage and other growth begins to occur, the City will start design and construction of new amenities like sidewalk widening, lighting, public seating and gathering spaces, landscaping, alley improvements, public Wi-Fi, temporary and/or permanent plazas throughout the districts.

The construction of the public parking garage is an important piece of these district development, because when that occurs, there will be more parking stalls in the district to accommodate existing and future patrons, we can then consider widening sidewalks to allow for these amenities, which will require a reduction in the some of the on-street parking in Aggieville.

In May, 2019 the City Commission also authorized finalization and execution of design agreements to begin creating designs for the streets around where the new public parking garage will be built south of Rally House and where the new hotel will be built at 12th and Bluemont. Work is expected to begin in 2020, in coordination with adjacent construction projects.

Conceptual overview of improvements

Aggieville Concept

11B Apartments under construction at 11th & Bluemont


Marriot Hotel - construction fall 2019 at 12th and Bluemont

Aggieville Hotel Rendering

Proposed mixed use development at 14th and W Laramie St

14th and Laramie