Active Projects

The categories below detail some of the City of Manhattan projects that may have a significant impact on traffic. You can also sign up to receive email updates on major construction projects.

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Traffic Impacts Updated 4/22/2019

  • Pothole Patching: Working all through town and addressing ReportIt tickets first.
  • Campus Creek RCB ExtensionThis project will impact left turns from Campus Creek Dr. on to N. Manhattan Ave. Also, there will be parking on Campus Creek Dr adjacent to the work area.
  • Street Maintenance Phase I: Work is being completed in the Northview area this week on Vineyard Circle, Knoxberry Circle, and Rasberry Circle
  • Street Maintenance Phase II: work continues on Vanesta Drive this week, crews will move to the west side and open to full traffic on Wednesday, April 24. Work will move to the north off the islands late this week.
  • 2019 Street Maintenance: Bakers Way is complete, the crew will be movimg to Shelle Drive until school is out and then on to Gary and Candlewood in May

Additional Projects

  • Street Sweeping: Sweepers will be operating all week.
  • Utility Cuts: Water and sewer projects around town will also be picking up with the nicer weather.
  • Storm Sewer: Crews are working on various intake repairs and hydroseeding.
  • Alley Maintenance: Grading work in various locations to repair alleyways
  • Safe Routes to School Phase II: This is a grant funded project to increase pedestrian and bike access to the elementary schools. Phase II includes the installation of sidewalks and pedestrian beacons at Casement & Griffith, as well as sidewalks along S. 14th Street, Wreath Avenue, and College Heights & Lee St. 
    • Pedestrian crossings and flashing signals have been installed and are operational
    • curbs, bus zones, and pedestrian crossings have been painted
    • re-seeding of disturbed ground will take place in the coming weeks

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Park/Trail Projects

  The Manhattan Parks & Recreation currently has the following park projects under design or construction: