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The categories below detail some of the City of Manhattan projects that may have a significant impact on traffic in Manhattan in the coming weeks and months. You can also sign up to receive email updates on major construction projects.

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Traffic Impacts Updated 8/22/2018

  • Manhole Rehabilitation:  Mayer Specialty Services from Goddard, Kansas will be starting the 2018 Manhole Rehabilitation project Monday, August 20, 2018.This is scheduled to be a 4 week project and is expected to be complete by the end of September.  Mayer will be cleaning sewer manholes and then applying a cement-based liner to the inside of the manholes. Traffic may be impacted in areas where manholes are near or in existing roadways. Other access points will be in existing rights-of-way. Residents may notice Mayer crews near their property in the coming weeks.                                                                                         
  • Campus Rd: Beginning 8/15/2018 One northbound lane of Campus Rd, from Jardine Dr south for approximately 100 ft, will be closed until further notice for street repair.  One lane on the west side of the road will remain open at all times. Work is expected to be completed in 2 weeks, possibly sooner depending on weather.
  • 17th Street: A portion of the intersection at 17th and Fairchild was closed beginning 8/15/2018 for a water valve replacement. Work is expected to be completed by Friday 8/24/2018. Until work is completed, 17th St will be restricted to one-way traffic. Northbound traffic will be instructed to yield.  Significant traffic impacts are expected. Travelers are advised to take an alternate route if possible.                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Manhattan Street Maintenance Phase 2: Concrete streets - road work is ongoing in the areas below and will include removal and replacement of concrete street panels. Expect significant traffic impacts during construction. These projects are funded by the street maintenance sales tax fund.
    • Griffith Drive: Griffith Drive from Tuttle Creek Boulevard to Manfax Street will be replaced starting today until the end of September.  Traffic will be allowed one-way eastbound for the duration of the project.  Westbound traffic should use Casement Road to Allen Road where a signalized intersection will allow them to access Tuttle Creek Boulevard. 
    • Blue Hills Road/Bluestem Terrace Intersection Closure: **COMPLETED** 
    • Berry Addition: Fall and winter 2018
    • Claflin: September and October 2018
  • Marlatt & Denison: Marlatt Avenue reopened for through traffic on 8/13/2018. Denison will be closed from Marlatt to MFD Headquarters Fire Station until November 2018. Riley County is managing the project.                                          
  • South Delaware Stormwater Improvements: Local closures for completion of the work will begin August 2018 and continue through the end of the year. Local traffic will be permitted.                                                                                           
  • Manhole rehabilitation: September and October 2018 Crews will be working in various locations around town to rehabilitate and repair manhole covers. Traffic control and cones will be in place in areas where crews are active.                                       
  • Safe Routes to School Phase II: This is a grant funded project to increase pedestrian and bike access to the elementary schools. Phase II includes the installation of sidewalks and pedestrian beacons at Casement & Griffith, as well as sidewalks along S. 14th Street, Wreath Avenue, and College Heights & Lee St. 
    • Pedestrian crossings and flashing signals have been installed and are operational
    • curbs, bus zones, and pedestrian crossings have been painted
    • re-seeding of disturbed ground will take place in the coming weeks
  • Old Blue River Phase V: Start date June 4, 2018. KDOT will be replacing the current open drainage ditch along Tuttle Creek Blvd with an enclosed concrete box. When construction is complete, a paved trail and pedestrian crossing will be installed linking the Old Blue River Trail. Work is expected to be complete in the fall of 2018.

Additional Projects

Completed Projects

  • Bluemont Ave: **COMPLETED 8/16/2018** One westbound lane of Bluemont Ave will be closed between 9th and 11th street for water line work. As part of this project, 10th St. will be closed at Bluemont and no left turns from Bluemont will be allowed. Work is expected to continue at least through 8/24/2018.  

  • CIPP Projects:   

    **COMPLETED 8/7/2018** SAK Construction worked to identify and repair sanitary sewer lines using the Cured-in-Place Pipe method.

  • Gary Avenue Roundabout: **COMPLETED 8/7/2018**  Starting Monday, July 2, 2018 the roundabout at Gary Ave. and Candlewood Dr. will be closed for street repairs. Work is expected to be completed by August 1. 

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Park/Trail Projects

  The Manhattan Parks & Recreation currently has the following park projects under design or construction: