Public Education

Our storm drains discharge directly into our waterways. This includes stormwater and any pollutants and litter that gets washed down the storm drains. This water will eventually make it to the ocean without any form of treatment. It is especially important to keep out all pollutants from our stormwater system.

Tuttle Creek

What We Do

The City of Manhattan samples water from the Kansas River and Wildcat Creek following significant rain events. The samples collected are then tested and the results sent to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as part of the City's requirements as a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II permit holder.

What You Can Do

At times, the samples can indicate elevated levels of pollutants. But local residents can take steps to reduce pollution in the waterways we use for swimming, fishing and boating. See our homeowner information for the steps you can take to reduce stormwater pollution.

All household hazardous waste including household chemicals, cleaning supplies, motor oil, paint and spray cans should be taken to the Riley County Hazardous Waste Facility for disposal. These items can pollute stormwater if disposed of in other manners.

Technical Information

Below are the City of Manhattan's drainage plans and studies.