Flood Insurance Rate Map

It is easier than ever to access local Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Please use the following to resources to access flood hazard area information.

Riley County Community GIS Viewer

The information is still available by utilizing the Riley County Community GIS Viewer. Once on the landing page follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to and click the “Layers” tab along the top banner of the webpage.
  2. Expand the “Hydrology” drop down menu.
  3. Select “Flood Hazard Area” and the layer will appear on the screen.

FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center

FEMA provides a tool with allows one to view and create a “FIRMette,” or a small map that demonstrates the flood information for one property. To simply view a properties FIRM information, click here and enter the full property address in the search bar at the top of the page.  There is a thorough tutorial for creating a FIRMette available here on FEMA’s website.

If you experience difficulties accessing or interpreting the information, please contact the Community Development Department at 785-587-2412 and provide the subject property address as well as a description of the inquiry.