Housing Study Steering Committee

On August 17, 2021, the Manhattan City Commission approved a process to form a citizen steering committee to help lead the upcoming Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy Study. This small citizen committee will help City staff and the selected consultant team, Development Strategies, Inc., to create a plan to address Manhattan’s housing needs.  

Led by consultants Development Strategies, Inc., from Wichita and St. Louis,  the study will collect and analyze data regarding housing conditions and trends in the area.  Once appointed, Steering Committee members will utilize their diverse perspectives and expertise related to housing needs to assist the City and consulting. Their work will be focused to help the team in developing policies and project recommendations to be included in the study’s implementation plan. The Committee will provide a final recommendation for the City Commission to adopt an official policy document. 

Steering Committee applicants must live or work within Manhattan city limits and commit to attend the vast majority of meetings scheduled for the project throughout the length of the 12-month study. Committee meetings will be open to the public.