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Below are current and upcoming land use cases, including Annexations, Conditional Uses, Exceptions, Rezonings, Subdivisions, Variances, and other current land use cases under review.

MCM Industrial Park: Scorpion Bio

On April 18, 2022 a developer announced their intention to construct a facility for a biological manufacturing company near Manhattan. More information on the announcement and the facility can be found on the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce website. The development is expected to occur on the northeast quadrant of the intersection of U.S. Highway-24 and Excel Road in Pottawatomie County, about two miles east of Manhattan.


This site is currently outside the city limits of Manhattan. In order to provide the necessary level of infrastructure to support the development, it must be annexed into the City, then be zoned and platted. There will be opportunities to participate in public hearings regarding this development. Sign up for mobile and e-mail notifications to receive notice of when agendas of the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board and the City Commission are posted.

More information on the individual processes of annexation, zoning, and platting are below.


Annexation is the process by which land is incorporated into the City in order to property provide utilities, infrastructure, and services such as water, sewer, stormwater, streets, building code services, fire protection, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. Because the site does not adjoin the City boundary, the annexation is considered an "island annexation" with a specific process dictated by State Statute (see K.S.A. 12-520c). 


Land incorporated into the City must be zoned with Manhattan zoning in conformance with its comprehensive plan. Primarily, zoning controls what kinds of land uses are permitted (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), creates parameters around the size, location, and design of structures, and provides standards for site design, like landscaping, parking and signage. The Manhattan Development Code (Chapter 26 of the Manhattan Code of Ordinances) houses the City of Manhattan's zoning regulations.


The process of platting affirms legal boundaries to a property and can be used to manage access to a property and to establish easements for routing public utilities and designate areas of conservation, drainage, and circulation through a property. The platting process is regulated and subject to standards found in the Manhattan Development Code (Chapter 26 of the Manhattan Code of Ordinances).

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