June 11, 2022 Storm Cleanup

June 21 - July 15, 2022JUNE 11th 2022 Tornado Clean Up Status Report July 8 Opens in new window

This storm cleanup is an effort of the City of Manhattan to allow residents to clean up their properties with free haul-away services for tree limbs and branches following the June 11, 2022 severe thunderstorm event.

City crews will pass through each neighborhood, according to assigned days for pickup, and collect at the curb of properties only properly stacked tree limbs and branches that were downed as a result of the June 11 storm. No other materials will be collected.

City crews will NOT be performing any work on private property, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to move any storm debris to the curb.

If residents are able to transport the limbs and branches themselves to the Riley County Transfer Station, located at 1881 Henton Road, we ask they please do so in order to reduce the workload on City crews given the high volume of cleanup anticipated.

Process for pickup:

Residents should follow these steps to ensure their items are picked up:
  • Pile limb and branches on the ground next to the curb so they can be picked up easily by a skid loader.
  • Do not place limbs or branches in the street or too far back in the yard, making them difficult for the loader to reach from the street.
  • Stack branches in a loose pile; don’t use rope or twine to tie them together.
  • Have your items on the curb and ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on your scheduled day, according to the map above. Crews will check each area only once!
For questions, please call (785) 587-4540.

What will the City of Manhattan pick up?

City crews will assist with curbside pickup of tree limbs and branches downed by the June 11, 2022, severe storm and subsequent storms between the dates of June 21 and July 15, according to assigned areas for pickup as outlined in the map to the left. Al limbs should have been curbside by the week of June 21-27 based on the schedule provided in the June news release notice.

What won't the City of Manhattan accept?

No household appliances, tires, batteries, concrete or rock rubble, lumber, construction or demolition debris, or household hazardous waste will be collected. Take all household hazardous waste, paint, thinners, lubricants, herbicides, insecticides, etc., to the Riley County Noxious Weed Department at 6245 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
tree branches property piled at curbside
Photo courtesy Brandon W. Savage
Licensed Tree Maintenance Contractors
Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
(913) 469-5440
Blueville Nursery
(785) 539-2671
Done Right LLC
(785) 340-3621
Flint Hills Tree Care
(785) 456-5009
Gier Tree Service
(785) 577-5123
Grogg's Stump Grinding
(620) 471-5902
Hummel Tree
(785) 537-0240
Native Tree Works
(785) 410-8294
Outdoors Unlimited
(785) 209-1119
Parsons Tree Service
(785) 410-5672
Sheffield Tree Service
(785) 770-2915
Shiver Me Timbers
(785) 531-1093
Three Men Tree Service
(785) 410-2263
Tree Biologics
(785) 477-2792
Tree Man-MHK
(785) 539-7842
Two Big Feet
(785) 317-1364
Wildcat Tree Service
(785) 537-9821
Wright Tree Service
(785) 217-5485