Housing Market Analysis

Between October 2021 and November 2022, the City conducted the Housing Market Analysis. Led by the Community Development Department with help from our consultants Development Strategies, other departments, the housing industry, and community as a whole, the multi-stage project was the first review of the housing market in over twenty-two years. The stages were:

  1. Review of the previous housing information and studying of current housing conditions and needs.
  2. Analysis of data in a national, state, regional, and local context to inform strategies for addressing the identified challenges.
  3. Presentation of the final report to various parties, but ultimately to the City Commission for consideration of adoption as an amendment to the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan.

Final Report and Next Steps

The final Housing Market Analysis report was approved as an amendment to the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan by the City Commission on November 1, 2022, via Ordinance 7613.

With this last step completed, Community Development, along with key housing industry stakeholders will continue to research and analyze conditions and potential strategies. Several programs and policies were identified as early implementation steps, and staff will begin work on those immediately. These include completing any state organizational reviews of the HMA, application to federal and state grant/loan applications, and collection of housing-related data.

Another early identified action was the formation of a Workforce Housing Steering Committee which has already been approved by the City Commission and staff have begun forming.

Why do we need a Housing Market Analysis?

Obviously, housing is an important aspect of life and community development. It affects many aspects of Manhattan - our economy, our quality of life, and the well-being of our families and neighbors. One challenge is that housing conditions are constantly changing which requires them to be understood to best meet the community's needs. So, it isn't uncommon for studies to be frequently conducted.

The last time the City of Manhattan completed a housing study was in 2000, and a lot has changed since then.

Additionally, in 2020, Manhattan voters supported a ballot measure providing sales tax funding to support “workforce housing” initiatives, starting in 2023. The Housing Market Analysis will provide structure to these workforce housing initiatives. The Housing Market Analysis is also an initiative of CrossroadsMHK, the City's Strategic Plan, and works toward completion of Goal 4.

What are the goals of the Housing Market Analysis?

The Housing Market Analysis has:
  • Studied Manhattan's housing market, housing stock, and housing needs in detail.
  • Completed a community-wide review of data (previous and current) and conditions on-the-ground.
  • Engaged the community in dialogue about their housing experiences, desired strategies, and their priorities for the future. 
  • Utilized a Steering Committee to listen to and provide feedback to City staff, Development Strategies, and the City Commission as it pertains to the Housing Market Analysis. 
  • Created strategies to shape specific policies, programs, and projects that address Manhattan's housing needs.