East Manhattan Gateway Plan Community Advisory Committee 


The East Manhattan Gateway Plan is a corridor and area plan along US-24 including the "McCall Triangle", an area in eastern Manhattan city limits (bounded by US-24 and Levee Drive), the US-24 corridor from the Manhattan Town Center Mall entrance to Hopkins Creek Road, and undeveloped greenfields surrounding existing residential development in the Green Valley area. 

Study Area

The City of Manhattan and its consultant, Stantec, are seeking a diverse mix of people who live or work in the study area and represent specific sectors of business, development, construction, and neighborhoods within the planning area. The East Manhattan Gateway Plan Community Advisory Committee (Committee) will be asked to volunteer their expertise and provide their diverse perspectives on needs and issues in the area to help inform the planning process and create a vision for the future. The Gateway Plan will address many planning-related topics including future development, transportation, public infrastructure (sewer, water, and stormwater), floodplain, parks and open spaces, market analysis, and emergency services.

The Committee will meet approximately four times over the next two years to review information and provide feedback to the consultant team to help guide the planning process. 

More information can be found on the project website


Steven BellingerIndustrial Business
Adam InmanGreen Valley Area HOA
Zach MitchellCommercial Developer
Dustin TaylorBusiness
Kevin FateleyResidential Developer
Tom Taul DVMCommercial Business
Christel StriflerResidential Developer
Derek ResenbeckRetail Business
Heather PetersonArchitecture/Placemaking
John GreenPottawatomie County
Jenny HaywardPottawatomie County
Peter ClarkPottawatomie County Economic Development
Jason SmithManhattan Chamber of Commerce

Staying Informed

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Staff Liaison

Stephanie Peterson
Director of Community Development
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Meeting Information

The Committee will meet approximately four times over the next two years.