Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Section provides fire prevention services to the City of Manhattan. The Fire Marshal and two staff captains staff this section.


This section is responsible for the inspection of all businesses, schools, churches, day care centers, and many other structures open to the public. The staff also inspects apartment houses (common areas only) with three (3) or more living units. The section conducts approximately 1,800 inspections per year.

Fire Investigation

The staff of the Fire Prevention Section assists in the investigation of fires and is primarily responsible for the investigation of all incendiary fires. Investigators receive ongoing training and are certified by the Kansas State Fire Marshal.

Plan Review

All plans for new construction are reviewed to verify compliance with current fire codes and standards.

Public Education

Public fire education is one of the cornerstones of fire safety and through it, the number of fires and lives lost can be reduced. Seasonal and topical programs are presented throughout the year, with approximately 1,100 children and 400 adults touring the facilities annually. Elementary school children in Manhattan USD 383 are taught fire prevention each year through a program that includes safety talks, fire safety handouts, and life safety equipment demonstrations.

Home Safety Checks

The key to surviving a fire is preventing one from occurring. Anyone interested in scheduling a home safety check should contact the Fire Department. The firefighters will go over common fire problems with the homeowner and offer non-binding suggestions. Common questions have to do with the placement of smoke detectors and the maintenance of fireplaces and chimneys.

Outdoor Fire Policy

Many hardware and discount stores are selling outdoor fireplaces for use in the backyard and on the deck. These fireplaces are made of clay or sheet metal and vary in size from 1 foot to 4 feet in diameter. The Manhattan Fire Department has looked at these fireplaces and wants the citizens of Manhattan to know how they should be used. The Manhattan Fire Department has developed a policy using the International Fire Code, as adopted by the City of Manhattan, for the basis of this policy.