Jason Hilgers, Deputy City Manager

Jason began his work with the city in May 1999 as an intern in Human Resources. In 2000, Jason moved into the City Manager's Office as an intern and later as a Management Assistant. In November 2000, Jason joined the Community Development department as Redevelopment Coordinator. In July 2003, he accepted the joint position of Assistant to the City Manager/Redevelopment Coordinator in the City Manager's Office. In January 2005, Jason began serving as Assistant City Manager. He was promoted to his current position, Deputy City Manager, in May 2013.

Jason received his master's degree in public administration from Kansas State University in May 2000. He also has a bachelor's degree in political science from Fort Hays State University

Jason's wife, Melanie, is the clinical director for Kansas State University's Speech and Hearing Clinic. Jason and Melanie have a son, Taylor, and two daughters, Josie and Janie.

Jason can be reached by phone at 785-587-2404 or by email.