Advisory Boards & Committees

Advisory Boards & Committees

There are numerous advisory boards and committees which assist the City Commission by providing recommendations on various policy issues. All appointments are made by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Commission. Volunteer board and committee members provide a valuable service to the community by dedicating hundreds of hours each year. The city-sponsored advisory boards and committees include:

Outside Agencies

Thank you for your interest in serving the City of Manhattan. Please be aware of the meeting frequency, dates and times as well as requirements of members before choosing which board you would like to serve on. A description of each board/committee and the requirements of members can be found on each corresponding board page listed above. Also please be aware of the attendance requirements for all boards as noted in Resolution No. 060397-A.

If you are interested in serving on a City of Manhattan Board or Committee, complete an interest form.

If you are interested in serving on the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, please complete their interest form.

Positions Currently Open
  • Aggieville Business Improvement District Advisory Board (2 term openings- must be representative of business within district)
  • City/University Special Projects Fund Committee (1 At-Large Opening)
  • Code Appeals Board (2 terms expiring)
  • Douglass Center Advisory Board (1 At-Large Geographical term Opening)
  • Historic Resources Board (1 Historic preservation term opening)
  • Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (1 Resident term opening)
  • Municipal Audit Committee ( 1 At-Large Term)